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What makes our sizing so special?

Love Revolution believes that words are powerful. Powerful enough to heal, change, transform and create. Manifesting creations in this world, to come to life-as long as they are in congruence with the feelings and the power of the emotion in which they follow the word.

For too long we have been measuring ourselves by means of measurement (limited to a measurement of numbers) Love Revolution wants to challenge the world it reaches and introduce a new idea and way of measuring ourselves.

Instead, we shall measure ourselves by our original qualities so that when someone asks you what size you are, you can remind yourself and respond with a positive affirmation of who you truly are. You are POWERFUL, WORTHY, AUTHENTIC, MAGICAL, FEARLESS, RADIANT, FREE.

Challenging everything they told you, or you told yourself that you were.

Don't let yourself be boxed into a box of limitations. You are an unlimited and unconditional being!

With Love ❤️

Love Revolution
By Arantxa

Size Size equivalence in Love Revolution
XS = authentic
S = powerful
M = magical
L = fearless
XL = free
XXL = worthy
XXXL = radiant
Size equivalence in Love Revolution