A clothing line born as a message of Love.


“Only when Humans can realize and recognize their own power; Rising to proclaim it, standing in their truth.. can they truly be Free.”

Dare to be free

Pic Love Revolution Arantxa Dessert
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Love Revolution Soul Girl
Pic Love Revolution Arantxa Dessert

“All stars are born in the dark and all darkness dies in the light

We live in a world ran by fear, and all it’s traits.

Control, hate, division, disease..

Fear is not the opposite of love… It’s the separation from love.

Pic Love Revolution Arantxa Dessert

Why would anybody separate themselves from love? From the essence of who they are?

Simply.. because we’ve forgotten who we are.

We’ve gotten caught up in the stories we’ve been experiencing and have been passing from generations to generations.

We’ve told our own story wrong.

Conditional, restricted… We were born unworthy trying to chase our perfection and worth. In a never ending rat race of regrets.Of never being enough. Inflicted by characters that are oppressors, and characters that are victims. Limitations and restrictions under the suggestion of rules. Rules we’ve been told are for our benefit. Manipulation and control. If there are rules, you must follow. And then there must be a ruler and a follower. Suppression and submission.

Have you ever had a nightmare that was so vivid that your heart was raising and you were suffering profusely? .. Then suddenly after much tossing and turning you woke up to find out it was just a dream. Relieved to find that it wasn’t real. You then had to remind your body, your mind, and your heart.. that it was just a dream.. thankful that you didn’t have to suffer any longer. But wishing you could have woken up a little earlier to not have to endure the suffering of something not real for so long…

If you are living the opposite of the truth.. wouldn’t you like to wake up to the truth of what it is so you didn’t have to prolong the unnecessary suffering?

It is time to wake up from that deep sleep state, claim your power back and rise to your authentic self.

An unconditional, limitless, powerful being, who is always worthy. Potential is you. Magnificence is in you. You are a Creator. Divine expression of Love and Light. There’s nothing you need to become. You already are. You just need to remember. Rediscover ..UNFOLD.

Just like the seed unfolds from the ground, manifesting its fruit.

You are! You’ve always been!.. even at the seed.

It’s time for the awakened ones to put their brights on, and shine forth. And for the rest of the world to awaken to their truth. We are not division or separation from love. Stop choosing that. Stop feeding the lie and start living in truth.

We are one, with love.

We are LOVE.

Work in progress

Love Revolution is born as my voice and way of expression to channel light into this world.

A clothing line born as a message of Love. From my heart to yours. A revolution of self. Transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

My invitation to you.. to celebrate through clothes sharing the message; that we stand in our power, awakened to our unlimited state. Fearlessly, courageously standing and living in our truth.

Arantxa Story

Arantxa Story

Pic Love Revolution Arantxa Dessert

You will find me.. dancing samba with Brazilians, salsa in the Caribbean, belly dancing and Flamenco while the sun sets… singing my heart out, transforming the deep emotions I feel into Lyrics.. drawing while I listen to reggae on a summer night on my porch.. you might even see me sunbathing in the forest while talking to the birds. I’ll be praying in Tibet, doing yoga with Yogis in India, connecting body, mind and spirit. Painting hennas in the Middle East, or wearing a head-wrap in Cuba. Sitting down on the floors of Japan while I eat sushi or I’ll be eating tacos and drinking “piñas coladas” in Mexico. I am connected to all things. I celebrate life through all cultures .. My heart can’t decide on just one.

“We aren’t afraid of darkness anymore when we recognize we are the light.”